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The Architecture of the Buildings of Brig-Wallis Prep School, Part 6: Engineering Hall

Engineering Hall

     The original buildings preceding Order purchase of the property had been several generations of simple homes or reception-like buildings which had sometimes, but not always, conjoined the Chapel, and which served the Jesuit monks who serviced the area and the Chapel for receiving, food storage and preparation, and entertaining. Throughout the eighteenth century, the Jesuit compound suffered from declining populations--both of the general Brig-Glis community and its outlying areas as well as of the Jesuit clergy. The Chapel was used more to serve the resident and itinerant Jesuits--the former who acted more as monks and servants to the local poor, the latter who were often in trouble and on the run--especially during the periods of covert and overt Papal "suppression" and persecution (1740-1815)--and who, therefore, seldom stayed long.
     The buildings on site of the nearly two acres of what are now Engineering Hall and Aubrey Hall in 1806 included a s…

The Architecture of the Buildings of Brig-Wallis Prep School, Part 5: Châtelaine Hall

Châtelaine Hall was built in place of a row of open-ended stalls that had been built into the south-side hillside slope by the merchant family that had first occupied and built upon the property in the mid-eighteenth century. Before this time, the low-grade, slowly-ascending grassy slopes of the south-facing hills had been farmed for feed and grain for the Jesuit priests' beasts as well as for their grains to make their own bread, gruels, and mueslis.
     When the Order purchased the properties from the Jesuit priests and the neighboring merchant family in 1806, their intention from the beginning was to construct a quadrangular style complex of buildings in which to house the boys and staff training school.
     The continuation of the in-floor piping system used in Facilities and Aubrey Halls was rejected with regard to Chatelaine Hall due to the fear that warmth could not be maintained over such a length (over 40 meters). Years later, in 1957, a separate hot-water system was su…