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Does the author, Drew Fisher, actually believe what he's writing about?

The question has come up a few times whether or not I really believe the theories and "cause of the end of the world" scenarios that I write about in the Osiris Plan trilogy. The short answer is: Yes. The longer answer is: This story is representational of my current beliefs with regard to metaphysics, cosmology, and the meaning and significance of human life; I truly see the human condition as an adventure within a set of thespian opportunities.
     What I hope to imply here is that I am still growing; I am trying the to best of my abilities to remain open to new information--to remain open and willing to continue the process of expanding my beliefs, of continuing to be discriminating yet accepting and inclusive of new ideas and experiences. My beliefs and knowledge have, I think, been evolving in a way that I'd like to think are expansive. My conscious perspective has been progressing from narrow, ego- and anthropo-centric, to broader, morespiritual-based.
     I have had a tremendous advantage in my education in that my spiritual beliefs are founded not just in belief or faith but in experience. My experiences of a spiritual nature are as strong and "real" to me, if not stronger than, the experiences I've accumulated during my time spent in human/ego-based four-dimensional "reality." My sense of reality has evolved to the point that it is no longer based in four-dimensional, Earth-centricity.
     I understand that our culture has done a marvelous job of distracting and disengaging us from spiritual research, experience, and dialogue. There are many people reading my declarations that will be unable to understand or even empathize with my assertions, and just as many will be completely turned off, will spurn my writing altogether in anger and disgust. This is fine. As a matter of fact, it's good. When this happens it merely means that that person who has been led to my writings has been offered an opportunity to confront, reflect upon, and reconfirm his or her own values and beliefs.
     Anyway, back to my writing. The premise of my story is that our Earth-based experiment that we elite English-speaking Westerners call Homo sapiens sapiens is a rather elaborate theatrical play being staged by an other-dimensional life species; we are very much living a tragedy much the same, though, of course, on a much grander scale, as Hamlet or King Lear, Oedipus Rex or The Iliad (art imitating life; physical reality mirroring spiritual patterns, i.e. "as above, so below"). This is "the truth" as I know it. A community of spiritual beings, themselves playing roles in a dimensional contextual field that we call "Creation" or "Duality," is planning, "writing," constantly adapting, orchestrating, staging, casting, and acting within the play that we call "human life." (Again, the human unconscious or superconscious is feeding and inspiring human beings to create in ways that mirror the spirit world.)

Perhaps it would be more helpful if I try to tell you some of the things I believe.

I believe that climate change and global warming are real. I believe that warming trends and feedback loops are beyond the tipping point, that the effects of global warming will only accelerate geometrically over the next few years; I believe that the human species is now absolutely powerless to stop the rapid and lethal rise of global temperatures and that global temperature averages will reach temperatures that will exterminate 99% of biological life (including Homo sapiens) on this planet in less than 10 years time.

I believe that God is EVERYTHING. You are God, I am God, this computer screen is God, the light beams reaching your eyes are God, the thoughts in your mind as you read this are God, the "dark matter" and "dark energy" that make up 60% of the Cosmos is God, cockroaches and mountains are God. I believe that everything conceivable and inconceivable, empirical or imagined is made possible by and included within the umbrella of Godness; to believe otherwise is to place limits on God which, I believe, is contrary to the concept of God being the Creator, the Source of All things, the animating force in Creation; to imagine a Creator less than everything is to imagine something smaller than the whole, which, to my mind, defies logic.

I believe that the "reality" we are living in is illusory. I am convinced that myriad Illusions (actually, an infinity) exist for the Consciousness of the Formless Divine to project Its Imagination "out" into the Form of Cosmic Creation.

I believe that God has invested a power of conscious individual perspective into all of Cosmic Creation--individuated points of perspectives that we call "souls," "spirits," "monads," "sparks of the Divine," "waves in the Great Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness," "points of consciousness," etc. to include all phenomena and noumena (i.e., things and abstracts, concepts and ideas). Everything, every single thing--abstract or concrete--has consciousness: a cell, an atom, a light photon, a planet, a galaxy, a feeling or idea, a theory or thought is animated by the God Force.

I believe that we human beings are all voluntary participants in a game or a stage play I'll call "Homo sapiens: 21st Century Earth." Accordingly, we choose the role(s) or playing pieces that are offered us in order to participate within these games or stage plays with the full understanding and contractual agreement to "act" or "play" according to some set of rules that a collective group of us have agreed upon--with the provision that we can try or choose to change our behaviors and interpretations of our roles as well as our level of commitment to and activity within those roles at any time we choose.

I believe that ultimately there are no such things as "right or wrong," "good or evil," "better or worse," "here or there," "past and future," "love and hate," "mine or yours." I believe that in that "place" of the Formless--the "place" where God resides--that Form and dualities and opposites do not exist, that all is inclusive. It is the place of infinite potential and infinite possibilities--the place from which all "things" arise--are projected into "form."

I believe that the conscious being we call "Earth" or "Gaia" is responding to a skin disease that is the life-threatening presence of a destructive parasite we call "Homo sapiens." Her immune system is responding automatically to the perceived threat upon her life and well-being by inciting a defensive process that is akin to our "fever" which, like a human fever, is intended to create environmental inhospitability for this invasive "skin disease." The behaviors that Homo sapiens has chosen and has perpetuated while cohabitating upon the surface of our host planet have proven unhealthy for all biological life, including our own, while, at the same time, becoming so aggravating and distressing to the host herself that her own immune system is taking natural precautions to try to ensure her safety and survival.

I believe that the possibility that the Earth-based Game that we "humans" are currently participating in is intentionally playing out the most depraved and cruel conditions our spiritual community could devise could very well be true. In the great scheme of the infinitude of possibilities being conceived within the Divine Imagination, I believe that each and every possibility is being played out somewhere in the Cosmos. (Our Universe is but one universal "cell" in a great lung of one being of Collective Universes within another Universe of Universes.) God's nonjudgmental mind is naturally exploring each and every possibility imagined for the sake of entertainment, experimentation, and fulfillment (the state of being fully filled). Therefore, who is to say that our puny little game of "hominid life" on this puny little planet in this puny little solar system in this average sized galaxy in this singular universe isn't intentionally the outplaying of a play or scenario of mental and emotional depravity?

I believe that each individual human is in fact ensouled or inspirited or animated or invested by an individuated essence of consciousness or "spirit" that animates and coordinates our bodies' activities. Call it consciousness or a slowed down spark of the Divine, whatever you wish, the human bodymind is a host or vehicle for this mindful and energizing force.

These are some of my current beliefs which served to inform the creation and publication of my Osiris Plan story. I'm sure there are more. They will be added as they come to me.


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