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Second Round of Editing Is Complete

The manuscript for Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys has just gone through its second round of editing--called "copyediting." The team over at CreateSpace handed my manuscript over to a second editor--"Jenny"--for this stage of the process. I like the fact that a "fresh set of eyes" had a look at my story--especially since her reception of it was as positive and encouraging as the first! Plus, "Jenny" was much more rules-oriented than "Gregg," so I learned a ton about very persnickety punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules. (Who are these Chicago Manual of Style people anyway--and how and where did they get so much power and sway?)
      In an interesting aside, I wanted to write each chapter in a style and with the spelling and punctuation customs and rules of the countries that they took place in--which means the chapters taking place in Switzerland would conform to Swiss punctuation and terms, the chapters taking place in Fr…