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Book Two, The Heirs of Osiris, Is Ready for Publication

That's right! The writing and re-writing, line editing and copyediting, formatting and design of The Heirs of Osiris: Book Two of the Osiris Plan Trilogy is complete! The "proof" copy of the physical version of the book—as it will be available to you through—is in the mail, on its way to me. 
      Once I've proofread the physical copy, it's up to me to push "publish" and off we go. As I have plans to publish Book Two on my daughter Hannah's 24th birthday on November 6th, I have plenty of time to carefully peruse the proof—which also leaves you plenty of time to read (and re-read!) Book One––but just enough time to get impatient for the continuation of the Osiris Plan story.
     I'm very excited as I feel most confident in and proud of this second book. It has a gorgeous cover and design and readers have commented, so far, at how surprised they are that a story that is 90% dialogue can work so well! (And that they can't wait for th…

September 30: The Date of Our First Marketing Scheme

Have you heard? If an item sold through sells 100 units in a single day, Amazon, apparently, offers a promotional incentive of posting this item on one of their "bestseller" lists. That's the kind of visibility I'm hoping to achieve in order to break out into a viewership beyond that of Toril's and my friends. 
     So, we've chosen the date of Saturday, September 30, to ask the world to push "buy" on Amazon for either the beautiful paperback or the Kindle e-book version of my newly published novel, Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys. September 30 is the 50th anniversary of my wife Toril's arrival into this world. She says that she can think of no better way to celebrate her birthday than by watching friends and loved ones welcome her "man's" work of art into their lives.
Logically, word of mouth is the next means to reaching a larger audience, so, if you do happen to purchase a version of my book, please try to leave…

Is a Work of Art Ever Finished?

As I read and re-read my "finished" proofs of the three Osiris Plan novels, I am struck by the incessant urge to "re-touch" and re-phrase, to improve, even to add little details that I "forgot" to include. This is an illustration of how difficult it is to "let go" of a piece of art.
     Though the "giving birth" analogy is not unfounded, I do not think that a piece of art qualifies as an example of a living breathing progeny; you can't really go back and change or undo an event or effect of your influence on a person like you can with a story rendered "permanent" onto paper.
     As a person with an athletic background, the haunting of "if onlys" and "should haves" is familiar to me. And yet, even with a work that can still be retouched and modified--as these books can--there comes a time where one has to--where one wants to--let go and move on. I have other projects to get to, more creating to do. Bu…

Why "Brig-Wallis"? And why a prep school?

"Brig-Wallis." It has a ring to it, doesn't it?
     Brig-Glis is a "badenstadt"--a bath town known for the recuperative powers of its health-promoting natural mineral hot springs--that had seen glimmerings of economic and religious notoriety in centuries past. It sits located on a key mountain pass into Italy while it is also near many ski resorts and even a military air field.
     "Wallis" is the German exchange for the French word "Valais" which is used to name the region in which Brig sits--which is one of the 26 Swiss political districts or "cantons." I preferred the poetic ring--and Germanic rather than Gallic insinuations--of the German word better. There are no other deeper meanings or significances associated (intentionally) with the name I use.

"Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys."
     Prep schools have always fascinated me--their purpose (both the obvious and the hidden) as well as their role historical…

Brig-Wallis is up on Kindle

As of Saturday, September 2, Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys, the first book of the Osiris Plan trilogy is up and for sale on Amazon's Kindle world. The on-demand paperback version was supposed to be available on Friday but dear old Drew, old-fashioned techno-splat that he is, failed to fill out a form or two correctly and thus missed the date. Oh, well. September 4, 5 or 6 will work fine.
     It is exciting to see the image and description and "buy" option on the Amazon screen, but I feel slightly "cheated" by the length of time this process took because hurricanes Harvey and Irma are playing out two scenarios that I wrote about (predictively) seven months ago. Oh, well. We'll see if some of the other things I predict as result of these mega-storms begin to play out over the coming months.
     This does, however, provoke me into considering a more accelerated pattern of release dates for the next two books (they are, after all, ready). I mean, we…