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Book Two finished, uploaded into Kindle

As of this morning, the final (and polished) Kindle e-book version of Book Two, The Heirs of Osiris, is in Amazon world, being processed for pre-order for its release date on Monday, November 6. It is the hope, desire, and intention that this will also concur with the release of the paperback version. We'll see!

The New and Improved Version of B-W Prep School for Boys

It's up! The latest and greatest version of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys is now the official version in the Amazon world. I apologize for the embarrassing and awkward glitches in the first version. I know they're minor flaws, but every glitch causes the reader's concentration and engagement with the story to be interrupted. I know!
    I'm also pleased to report that the book remains visible in the "Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction" list--tucked right there between Dan Millman, James Redfield, Paul Coelho, Hermann Hesse, and Richard Bach. Nice company, I'd say!
    Book Two Update:  On track for its November 6 release! It's a beauty, just like the first!

Sept. 30 Marketing Play a BIG Success!

Yes, it was! Though the numbers are still out, it looks like we made our goal of 100 units of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys sold in one day. We know that there have been 30 purchases for the Kindle e-book version, CreateSpace, the Amazon-owned publishing service I used to refine and publish all three of the Osiris Plan trilogy, has some kind of lag time between the time of buyer on-line purchase and registration as a "unit sold" in their accounting ledger. Either way, we know there were well over 100 paperbacks ordered--and we watched the book climb into the Top Ten of Amazon's Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction "bestseller" list. (It peaked at #9.) And this is not all of the visibility the book has gained as many web- and Facebook sites were broached in our little media blitz. It was such a fun day! The comments and banter going on between my wife and I and our on-line and on-phone friends was hilarious! It was awesome!
     Now for a little confes…