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Sept. 30 Marketing Play a BIG Success!

Yes, it was! Though the numbers are still out, it looks like we made our goal of 100 units of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys sold in one day. We know that there have been 30 purchases for the Kindle e-book version, CreateSpace, the Amazon-owned publishing service I used to refine and publish all three of the Osiris Plan trilogy, has some kind of lag time between the time of buyer on-line purchase and registration as a "unit sold" in their accounting ledger. Either way, we know there were well over 100 paperbacks ordered--and we watched the book climb into the Top Ten of Amazon's Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction "bestseller" list. (It peaked at #9.) And this is not all of the visibility the book has gained as many web- and Facebook sites were broached in our little media blitz. It was such a fun day! The comments and banter going on between my wife and I and our on-line and on-phone friends was hilarious! It was awesome!
     Now for a little confession: The version of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys available for sale this weekend is not the latest and greatest version of the book. I worked in a fury all week to try to get a more recent, less flawed version of the manuscript uploaded before the media blitz. I pushed "publish" on Thursday but then received the disappointing reply that said the book might take three to five business days to appear on Amazon. All weekend I've checked, and the version on Amazon as I write this is still the original, "flawed" version that came on line on 9-11 (September 1 for Kindle users). The new, latest version probably won't be available until Monday, Tuesday, or even Wednesday. I am so sorry and, actually, even embarrassed for the flaws in my published book (ten in the first two chapters!) It is especially embarrassing in light of the way we asked people to spend their good money on this version of the book. But, it really was the only choice we had after hyping up the September 30th for several weeks. (It's hard to change the occasion we were piggybacking for the event: my wife's 50th birthday.) But, I console myself thinking, once you get past the first chapter or two, you are in for a smooth read.
     For all of you who have purchased any version of the book, I thank you! I hope you enjoy the story; I hope you are enticed into following through with Books two and three, and, most of all, I hope that you are provoked into thinking and feeling something memorable and even unsettling while reading my story. It is supposed to provide its readers with a slightly different, often un-talked-about perspective on the human condition. I think I've succeeded. Let me know what you think.


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