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The New and Improved Version of B-W Prep School for Boys

It's up! The latest and greatest version of Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys is now the official version in the Amazon world. I apologize for the embarrassing and awkward glitches in the first version. I know they're minor flaws, but every glitch causes the reader's concentration and engagement with the story to be interrupted. I know!
    I'm also pleased to report that the book remains visible in the "Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction" list--tucked right there between Dan Millman, James Redfield, Paul Coelho, Hermann Hesse, and Richard Bach. Nice company, I'd say!
    Book Two Update:  On track for its November 6 release! It's a beauty, just like the first!


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An Interview with The Author

The following transcript is the artist's rendering of an interview of author Drew Fisher as conducted by Peter Vandenhof on May 29, 2017.

PV:  So, Drew. May I call you Drew?

DF:  Drew is fine.

PV:  How long have you been writing?

DF:  I've been writing since I was 16 years old. I had a long distance relationship. I fell in love with a girl literally the week before my family and I moved 250 miles away from her. So, I wrote letters.

PV:  Letters?

DF:  Yes. Back then people wrote letters. A family had one telephone line per household--which had to be shared among all family members. So, the phone was not an option. We didn't have computers or texting yet.

PV:  So you wrote letters?

DF:  Yep. Daily. Ten pages and more.

PV:  Every day.

DF:  Yep. I was so in love. I pined away a whole summer for the sake of a girl I'd only known a week. It's kind of like that oldest child in Captain Fantastic--

PV:  You mean, Bo?

DF:  I don't know. Was that his name? Anyway. Rather …

The Editing Process

I'm working my way through the publication process with an editor named "Gregg" from Amazon's wonderful CreateSpace self-publish assist service. The editorial staff has been extremely friendly and helpful if a little above me in terms of familiarity with all of the 'rules' of English printing. Gregg had these kind words to say in his first return letter to me:

OverviewThis is an engaging and intriguing novel. The rich detail about the school and its curriculum provides a nice sense of depth, but I am most fascinated by the moral ambiguity of the school and the headmaster. While you explicitly establish that the “Order” is not the Illuminati of popular myth, there is certainly a sinister quality to it, most clearly articulated in the last chapter. But at the same time, the headmaster himself is so thoroughly likable and fatherly that the hints of something sinister are all the more unexpected and unsettling when they begin to appear, and I find myself eager to …

Second Round of Editing Is Complete

The manuscript for Brig-Wallis Preparatory School for Boys has just gone through its second round of editing--called "copyediting." The team over at CreateSpace handed my manuscript over to a second editor--"Jenny"--for this stage of the process. I like the fact that a "fresh set of eyes" had a look at my story--especially since her reception of it was as positive and encouraging as the first! Plus, "Jenny" was much more rules-oriented than "Gregg," so I learned a ton about very persnickety punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules. (Who are these Chicago Manual of Style people anyway--and how and where did they get so much power and sway?)
      In an interesting aside, I wanted to write each chapter in a style and with the spelling and punctuation customs and rules of the countries that they took place in--which means the chapters taking place in Switzerland would conform to Swiss punctuation and terms, the chapters taking place in Fr…